Purchase Solved NBST 515 Quiz 3

Purchase Solved NBST 515 Quiz 3

Quiz: The Study of the Gospels; Hebrews and James

  1. According to the presentations, a central purpose of the Epistle of James is to champion orthopraxy (right living) over orthodoxy (right belief).
  2. According to the presentations, which New Testament epistle is comprised of an elaborate theological reflection on the superiority of Christ and his sacrifice?
  3. According to the presentations, the view held by most scholars to explain the phenomenon of Synoptics is
  4. According to Elwell, the modern “search” for Jesus, as practiced by some scholars, subjected the Gospels to a rationalistic spirit that ruled out anything supernatural.
  5. According to the presentations, when a storyteller steps outside the story to address the audience itself, it is called an “aside.”
  6. According to Elwell, the method of Gospel study that focuses on such things as plot, structure, ordering of events, dramatic tension, intended impact on the reader, and so on is called
  7. According to the presentations, the Gospel of Mark regularly uses Greek grammar and syntax that is rough and often clumsy, perhaps indicating that Greek was his second language.
  8. According to Elwell, the so-called “Markan Hypothesis” is the view that the Gospel of Mark was not really composed by John Mark, cousin of Barnabas.
  9. According to Elwell, which of the following is a criterion of authenticity used by scholars to find Jesus’s authentic words?
  10. According to Elwell, the letter “Q” was employed by scholars to refer to the approximately 230 verses that Matthew and Luke have in common, but which are not found in Mark.
  11. According to Elwell, one of the contributions of historical criticism to the study of the New Testament is the rediscovery of Jesus’s Jewishness.
  12. According to the presentations, the General Epistles are sometimes referred to as the “Catholic Epistles” because they are favored by the Catholic Church.
  13. According to Elwell, who was the scholar who, at the beginning of the 20th century, surveyed more than two hundred “lives of Jesus” composed by scholars on a quest of the historical Jesus and convincingly showed that the “Jesus” they found was more a reflection of their own ideas than the real Jesus?
  14. According to Elwell, the term used to describe the different types of literary forms in which biblical documents are composed is
  15. According to Elwell, it is possible that Hebrews was composed before the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed in AD 70 because had this event already occurred, the writer would likely have mentioned it to clinch his argument about the superiority of Christ’s sacrifice.
  16. According to Elwell, the word “exegesis” describes what the contemporary reader finds in the text, without regard to the text’s original meaning.
  17. According to the presentations, who wrote the book, Which Jesus?
  18. According to Elwell, the method of Gospel study concerned with the theological intent of the writers is known as
  19. According to the presentations, the Ur-Gospel theory says that an early Aramaic version of the Gospel formed the basis of the Greek versions of the first three Gospels we have today.
  20. According to the presentations, which of the following is not one of the patterns of similarities among the Synoptic Gospels?

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