Purchase Solved PACO 617 Quizzes

Purchase Solved PACO 617 Quizzes

Quiz 2 Chapter 3-4

  1. According to Marcus (2007), the self-aware helper has the capacity to use countertransference as a diagnostic indicator
  2. Which of the following are not included in the author’s list of counselor unmet needs?
  3. After gaining insight into any unresolved issues, trainees are encouraged to obtain personal counseling to work through them
  4. According to Wilson (1990), Christian counselors have applied theologians who possess both the knowledge and skills of their secular counterparts but perceive people and circumstances through a biblical lens
  5. The perspectives of the heart refer to
  6. The nature of counseling typically brings together a person who is sensitive and caring with people who are sensitive and caring
  7. Which actions can be taken by the counselor to prevent harm?
  8. Counselor attitudes include attitudes about God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the world, and the Word, as well as
  9. One of the major implications of compassion fatigue is the loss of one’s effectiveness as a helper because of impaired judgment, _____, and the emotional toll of caring.
  10. The most damaging and common type of countertransference involves _____ issues.

Quiz 4

  1. Four resources for change are: The individual, the natural community, God and
  2. Which of the following represents data that is not usually useful in organizing conceptualizations?
  3. Bandler and Grinder (1975) identify three processes or patterns that seem to play a role in helping the brain make sense of the world: deletions, distortions, and
  4. Resistance can occur because of the lack of rapport with a counselor.
  5. Counselors contribute little to counselee resistance.
  6. In the acrostic for guidelines for dealing with reluctance RELUCTANT, “C” refers to
  7. Treatment planning considers the counselee’s goals.
  8. Denial, reluctance, and resistance are common issues in the Contemplation stage.
  9. According to Osborn, Dean & Petruzzi (2004), conceptualization is the counselor’s intentional, focused, and ongoing effort to understand a particular counselee’s case
  10. How you describe a counselee’s problem reveals what you believe about human nature.

Quiz 5 Chapters 9 &10

  1. In this stage of counseling, it is important to create a transition to signal to the counselee that time is nearing an end.
  2. One powerful method by which to assess the counselee’s family is the genogram
  3. Individuals with a diffuse or unformed identity are unable to enjoy the peace and stability of a strong and central sense of self
  4. In terms of locus of control, people who are externally oriented believe that outcomes are contingent on
  5. Research indicates no genetic link to disorders
  6. An overarching purpose of the counseling interview is to help the counselee with his presenting concerns
  7. Coping skills are characteristic ways of circumventing life’s difficulties
  8. Although a presenting problem is only “the tip of the iceberg,” it gives the counselor some idea about “the iceberg”
  9. Laurencelle, Abell, and Schwartz (2002) report that faith in and reliance on God has the potential to decrease anxiety, depression, and
  10. A counselor can clearly and convincingly present the truth to counselees, but he must recognize where his responsibility ends

Quiz 7 Chapters 13-14

  1. In the acrostic ASSIGN, the first “S” represents
  2. Little has been written on the topic of forgiveness from a counseling perspective.
  3. In the acrostic HUMOR, the “M” stands for
  4. Many things can interfere with homework including
  5. As compared to men, women are less likely to comply with homework assignments.
  6. Counselors can personally pray for their counselees and
  7. Lovinger (1979, 1984) and Worthington (1986) suggest that religious counselees with negative concepts about counselors are resistant to therapy and have high rates of premature termination
  8. In the acrostic ASSIGN, the “G” represents
  9. The use of humor is one way of infusing our personalities into a helping relationship (Dewane, 2006)
  10. Only when you accurately understand your counselee’s unique experience of God can you ethically and effectively address any God-related problems

Quiz 8 Chapter 15

  1. The counselor may grow personally and spiritually through supervision, marriage and
  2. Five key skill-based areas relating to cultural competence include
  3. In the acrostic SOAP, “O” stands for
  4. According to Soisson, Vande Creek, & Knapp (1987), counselors should document information about what happened in the session, the types of help offered, reasons for their professional decisions and actions and
  5. A code of ethics and legal standards are the same
  6. Ethical codes cover all ethical and legal quandaries.
  7. The most widely used system of writing notes is SOAP.
  8. A wise move is to have a lawyer on retainer who is familiar with laws relating to the mental health profession
  9. A contact report should include the
  10. A list of forms that are commonly used in the counseling process would include intake, informed consent, counseling authorization, emergency instructions, and.

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