Purchase Solved PSYC 101 Quiz 3 Sensation and Perception

Purchase Solved PSYC 101 Quiz 3 Sensation and Perception

  1. Sensory receptors for touch are located just below the surface of the skin and are known as ___________ corpuscles.
  2. Sound receptors are attached to the _______ membrane.
  3. The auditory cortex sends projections to which two lobes of the brain?
  4. ________ is defined as the distance from peak to peak of a wave.
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  6. Which of the following is NOT a type of sensory receptor?
  7. blindness is a phenomenon caused by diverted attention resulting in the failure of accurate scene detection as if we are blind to that event.
  8. is known as the alleged ability to perceive something through the mind alone, but without reception of physical stimuli through any of the known senses.
  9. is a quantifiable pattern of physical energy, which is able to interact with an organism and produce a change in the condition of the organism.
  10. Place the steps of the process from stimulation to perception in the correct order:
  11. is the process through which a physical stimulus is converted into a meaningful and useful neural signal capable of being interpreted by the brain.
  12. The optic nerves meet at the ________
  13. can best be defined as the detection of some physical stimulus in the environment by one of your sensory organs.
  14. is a phenomenon in which an object closer to a viewer appears to block another object that is farther away from the viewer.
  15. Umami, the most recently discovered type of taste bud, can be detected in the taste of foods that are:
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  17. The vast majority of information acquired throughout life often begins as _______ energy.
  18. The ______ is the light-sensitive membrane at the back of the eye that contains the sensory receptors for vision.
  19. Which is not a potential result of decreased tear production?
  20. The two basic types of photoreceptors in the eye are:
  21. A person’s _______ threshold is estimated by comparing the intensity of two stimuli, and gradually increasing the difference between their intensities until a difference can be detected by the person.
  22. Wavelength in sound waves corresponds to ______.
  23. The _________ system is responsible for equilibrium or balance.
  24. Sensory receptors for gustation are known as ________
  25. Approximately how many olfactory receptor cells does a typical human have?
  26. Sensory _______ occurs when the sensory receptors become less sensitive when exposed to a constant stimulus for a certain amount of time.
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  28. Experts recommend taking a break from viewing a computer screen at least every _______ minutes.
  29. shadow is the difference in sound intensity due to the head blocking/deflection of some of the sound waves.
  30. The process of visual perception can be simplified into these three basic tasks:
  31. How many major sensory modalities have been traditionally recognized?
  32. Who stated that “Man is nothing but a bundle of sensations.”
  33. What is the term for the outer funnel-shaped structure of the ear?
  34. The magnocellular pathway receives information from M ganglion cells about peripheral vision and therefore _______ spatial resolution images from the retina.
  35. Law suggests that the difference threshold between two stimuli is relative to the size of the original stimulus.
  36. Specialized receptors that can sense pain are known as _______.
  37. A person’s _______ threshold is measured by taking the smallest amount of a stimulus and gradually increasing its strength until a person correctly guesses the stimulus’s presence 50% of the time.
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  39. What are the three tiny bones that constitute the middle ear?

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