Purchase Solved PSYC 308 Quiz 4

Purchase Solved PSYC 308 Quiz 4

  1. According to Ferree, the term co-addict describes:
  2. Statistically, what coupling has more domestic violence than any other group?
  3. According to Carnes ________________ is the first bridge to trusting relationships with others.
  4. Step Five requires—
  5. According to Dr. Laaser, _________________ is equal to freedom from lust.
  6. When a counselor determines that a sex offender is likely to victimize other people:
  7. Which is NOT a core belief of the sexual addict?
  8. What is the major emotion that drives sexual addiction?
  9. According to Dr. Laaser, _________________ is/are equal to relapse.
  10. Which of the following is NOT a basic principle of the 12 steps
  11. According to Willingham, multiple studies show that:
  12. Ferree says doing “anger work” is a way to ____________.
  13. Similarities between heterosexual and homosexual addicts include—
  14. Earle recommends counselors use all of the following EXCEPT—
  15. Programs that are now used to intervene for alcoholics in professional and business settings:
  16. Ferree discusses Bowlby’s model of grief as it applies to recovery. Bowlby’s stages of grief are:
  17. Recommended intervention strategies for churches dealing with sex offenders include
  18. The cycle of sexual addiction includes—
  19. When counseling sex offenders, Dr. Earle recommends establishing professional boundaries such as:
  20. What are the “signposts of the journey” of recovery, as Ferree identifies them?
  21. According to Ferree, healthy church leaders:
  22. Addicts who enter a Twelve Step program go through stages that include:
  23. Breaking free of sexual addiction is _____________.
  24. According to Laaser, sexual addiction is
  25. What is one difference between heterosexual addiction and homosexual addiction?

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