Purchase Solved PSYC 341 Quiz 8

Purchase Solved PSYC 341 Quiz 8

  1. At the core of Rotter’s personality theory is his emphasis on
  2. While he was still a graduate student, Mischel was influenced by which two teachers?
  3. Rotter’s empirical law of effect states that motivation is any condition or event that
  4. Martha’s science teacher praises students who perform well on tests. Martha wants to do well in her science test because she desires to be appreciated in front of the class. In this case, Martha’s need for appreciation reflects her need for
  5. Which of the following is not one of Mischel and Shoda’s cognitive-affective units?
  6. Which of the following is an assumption of Rotter’s assumption in his theory?
  7. For Rotter, the degree to which a person prefers one set of reinforcements to another is called
  8. According to Mischel, behavior is determined by
  9. Mischel’s personality model suggests that behavior is caused by
  10. Rotter sees interpersonal trust as a
  11. Research by Mischel and Staub found that 8th-grade boys who believed that they had been successful on an earlier task
  12. Which of the following was proposed by Walter Mischel?
  13. According to Rotter, conflict is most likely to arise when freedom of movement is
  14. According to Rotter, people with a high internal locus of control believe that
  15. Mischel’s consistency paradox is based on his notion that
  16. In Mischel and Shoda’s personality system, behavior is shaped by people’s specific cognitive and affective processes plus
  17. According to Walter Mischel, people with an internal sense of control
  18. Rotter’s basic prediction formula is the most useful
  19. Unlike Skinner, Julian Rotter contended that an adequate theory of human behavior
  20. “A generalized expectancy held by an individual that the word, promise, or oral or written statement of another individual or group can be relied on” is Rotter’s definition of
  21. According to Rotter, people who are likely to give others a second chance tend to score
  22. What is Walter Mischel’s view on affective responses?
  23. According to Mischel, behavior is most likely caused by
  24. According to Rotter, if expectancy is held constant and reinforcement value varies, then it becomes possible to predict
  25. Mischel and Moore (1973) found that children who were encouraged to imagine real rewards while viewing pictures of rewards
  26. Kelly called those roles that give us a sense of identity and provide guidelines for living _____ roles.
  27. The purpose of Kelly’s Rep test is to
  28. Kelly’s choice of corollary allows people to extend and define their
  29. According to Kelly, _____ refers to a pattern of behavior that results from a person’s understanding of the constructs of others with whom that person is engaged in a task.
  30. Kelly called the transparent templates or patterns that help us make sense of the world
  31. Kelly held that generally speaking, people
  32. For Kelly, “any personal construction that is used repeatedly in spite of consistent invalidation” defines
  33. According to Kelly, _____ is the recognition that the events with which one is confronted lie outside the range of convenience of one’s construct system.
  34. The awareness of an immediate and basic change to our core structures is Kelly’s definition of
  35. Before developing fixed-role therapy, Kelly used an unusual procedure for modifying constructs. This procedure involved
  36. According to the choice corollary, people make choices on the basis of
  37. According to Kelly, because individuals have personal investments in their established constructs, they
  38. According to Kelly, when people behave in ways that are inconsistent with their sense of who they are, they experience
  39. Kelly believed that our definition of ourselves in terms of who we really are is
  40. The fact that two people may see two different events in a similar fashion is explained by Kelly’s _____ corollary.
  41. Matt and Karen are students of philosophy. Matt believes that the wealth of an individual should be understood by how healthy and sound the individual’s mind and body are. Karen believes that wealth can only be understood in terms of an individual’s monetary earnings. Their constructs of wealth exemplify the
  42. Karen’s parents punish her whenever she misbehaves or fails her exams. They give her enough freedom to pursue her academic goals. They encourage her to be independent too. They say that they love their child and want the best for her. They believe that the constructs of freedom and punishment can be subsumed under the superordinate construct of love. This is an example of the
  43. Kelly believed that psychologically healthy people are similar to
  44. Kelly believed that the conclusions of scientists should be regarded
  45. According to Kelly, dichotomies _____ a construct’s range of convenience.
  46. Marcel Harper and Wilhelm Schoeman (2003) accurately hypothesized that
  47. The idea that people interpret future events according to recurrent themes reflects Kelly’s _____ corollary.
  48. Which set of terms is most consistent with Kelly’s concept of personal constructs?
  49. The purpose of Kelly’s fixed-role therapy is to
  50. The modulation corollary assumes that the extent to which people revise their constructs is related.

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