Purchase Solved PSYC 380 Quiz 3 Emotions

Purchase Solved PSYC 380 Quiz 3 Emotions

PSYC 380 Quiz 3: Emotions, Behavior, Learning, and Memory
  1. Which type of leukocyte destroys tumor cells and cells infected with viruses?
  2. Which type of leukocyte attaches to an intruder and produces a specific antibody to attack the intruder’s antigen?
  3. Which type of leukocyte matures in the bone marrow and produces antibodies to attack specific targets?
  4. Professor Remko tells his class that aggressive behavior in males has been shown to be linked to levels of _____.
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  6. Psychologists typically define emotion in terms of the following components: ____.
  7. Why do humans suffer from sleepiness, decreased muscle activity, and decreased sex drive during illness?
  8. Hans Selye defined stress in terms of ____.
  9. According to the ____ theory, we experience emotion after we experience autonomic arousal.
  10. Selye inferred that any threat to the body, in addition to its specific effects, activated a generalized response to stress, which he called the
  11. Which effect is likely to result from damage to the amygdala?
  12. One of the main differences between natural killer cells and T cells is that natural killer cells ____.
  13. A research study linked different genes for the enzyme MAOA to the probability of antisocial behavior. The effect of the gene varied from small to great, depending on what?
  14. Individuals who manage to succeed and thrive despite many difficulties may best be described as ____.
  15. A study administering testosterone to women found which of these effects?
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  17. Not all children who are abused become violently aggressive in adolescence or adulthood. Of the following, which has been demonstrated to influence violence by these people?
  18. Approach and avoidance responses are modified by output from the amygdala to the ____.
  19. Leukocytes identify intruder cells by their ____
  20. Which of the following has been associated with an increased probability of suicide attempts?
  21. According to a number of animal studies, under which condition is the probability of violent behavior greatest?
  22. The immune system’s way of telling the brain that the body is ill is by way of ____.
  23. Hippocampal damage has the greatest effect on ____.
  24. Lashley trained rats on a variety of mazes, then made deep cuts in their cortexes. He found that the cuts produced ____.
  25. Structures formed from degenerating axons and dendrites are referred to as ____.
  26. Vivian gives her child candy after she cleans up her room. The candy is an example of _____.
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  28. Studies on ____ help clarify the distinctions among different kinds of memory and enable us to explore the mechanisms of memory.
  29. What is confabulation?
  30. What area of the brain is particularly important for coding spatial information?
  31. Serena is a chronic alcoholic who has developed Korsakoff’s syndrome. She has damaged her neurons in the _____ which sends information to her _____ cortex.
  32. Nanci stimulated the gills of an Aplysia by squirting them with a brief jet of seawater, at first, it will ____.
  33. Producing long-term potentiation of cells in the mammalian nervous system requires ____.
  34. Amyloid is to ____ as tau is to ____.
  35. Forgetting events prior to the time of brain damage is a characteristic of ____ amnesia.
  36. If a stimulus is presented repeatedly, followed by no other stimulus, the animal will gradually stop responding. This is known as
  37. When Loy was first learning to drive, she had to think about it step-by-step. Now, she can drive automatically thanks to the work of her
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  39. Why is the Aplysia such a popular animal for single-cell studies of learning?
  40. Alzheimer’s is associated with brain damage as a result of ____.
  41. A study of patients with amnesia reveals that people ____.
  42. A rat is placed in a radial maze in which it has already been trained for many trials. As compared to rats without damage to their hippocampus, rats with damage are more likely to
  43. In studies of eyelid conditioning in rabbits, Thompson and his colleagues have demonstrated that learning for this conditioned response takes place in the
  44. What is one explanation for why Lashley failed at finding the engram?

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