Purchase Solved SOCI 200 Exam 4

Purchase Solved SOCI 200 Exam 4

SOCI 200 Exam 4 Liberty University

  • According to the vast majority of sociologists, ________ was the most influential factor in the globalization movement.
  • ________ suggests that a specific condition in society foster particular social problems.
  • In the Sociology is Rudetextbook, Satterthwaite (2009) suggests that consumerism which accompanies globalization is a dangerous threat to ________.
  • According to Satterthwaite, Caldwell, and Westley et al., globalism has led to _____, _____, and ________.
  • ________ refers to people who lack resources to meet their basic needs, as determined by the U.S. government.
  • Match the following terms with their appropriate definitions.
  • ________ is premeditated killing.
  • According to historians, globalism stretches as far back as:
  • ________ is sometimes part of larceny but is less publicized than other crimes.
  • Often called “the oldest profession,” ________ is an oft-investigated social problem that is quite active all over the globe.
  • According to Joshua’s testimony in the Sociology is Rudetextbook, the area he serves is ________% Muslim and the rest are Christian.
  • ________ is often played off as an innocuous drink; although its immediate effects appear unremarkable compared to heroin or cocaine, its long-term effects are equally devastating.
  • ________ can all be factors leading to prostitution.
  • ________ is the most common form of poverty and refers to people living below the average economic standards of their society or social group.
  • According to the Sociology is Rudetextbook, poverty is a serious social problem that often creates a vicious cycle in a family or community.
  • Where do Joshua and his family currently live?
  • Out of the 4.5 billion people that live in developing countries, ________ do not have access to clean water.
  • ________ is the term in Sociology Rudefor describing how the media offers an interesting-but-perverted view of the Scriptures, our Savior, and his followers that panders to the masses with no biblical or church history understanding.
  • ________ are less serious offenses, which carry with them shorter imprisonment time in a local or county jail.
  • In the Muslim world, Tabaski (Eid al-Adha) is:
  • At his martyrdom, which ancient church father proclaimed, “It is unthinkable for me to repent from what is good to turn to what is evil.”
  • The globalization movement saw a period of activity during:
  • ________ proposes that rather than holding a preexisting condition of deviance, being labeled as ‘deviant’ actually makes a person more likely to engage in deviant behavior.
  • The ________ was Hitler’s genocide of the Jewish people during WWII.
  • Since the ________, America, France, England, and Germany have not directly fought against each other in military combat.
  • According to the Sociology is Rudetextbook, the two goals of boot camp are:
  • What was the driving force of globalization in the twentieth century?
  • Which (in)famous union general concluded that “War is hell”?
  • Out of the 4.5 billion people that live in developing countries, _________ lack basic sanitation.
  • ________ asserts that social problems are linked to bad people or groups.
  • Which theologian and bishop from the Middle Ages came up with the idea of just war theory?
  • ________ is the intentional killing of a person without malice aforethought.
  • According to the Sociology is Rudetextbook, poverty can simply be defined as the lack of basic necessities in life needed to survive.
  • According to Joshua’s testimony in the Sociology is Rudetextbook, to connect with his Muslim neighbors, Joshua did what on Easter and Christmas?
  • The globalization movement saw an incredible increase of new thought and investigation during the:
  • After Germany and Japan lost in WWII, the ________ was/were held in Switzerland with multiple Nazi leaders being convicted and executed for war crimes.
  • During the Bataan Death March, 76,000 American and Filipino POWs suffered brutal treatment as they were forced to march through the jungle without food or water.
  • Nearly 11% of Americans over the age of 12 have used illicit drugs in the past month and 2.3% have taken nonprescribed psychotherapeutic or physio-corrective drugs in the past month.
  • ________ is the American belief that most democracies, even those far away, do not want to go to war against other democracies.
  • According to the Sociology is Rudetextbook, globalization can be considered a two-edged sword since it has effectively harmed humanity at large.
  • What is the traditional understanding of the term, Jus in Bello?
  • What are the primary economic products of this new globalized age?
  • Because computers are the equivalent of financial capital, which region is becoming one of the largest economies in the world?
  • ________ is the philosophy that war and violence are never justifiable.
  • Some 13.5% of people live below the poverty line in:
  • Who preached specifically on the ethical use of income to help the poor, sick, and sinners of the world?
  • Since the 1950s and 1960s, the ________ has caused a social explosion of trade, people, investments, technological advancements, cultural awareness and influences, and ideas.
  • T/F: The doctrine of double effect states that the act of war must be good in itself (or at least indifferent) and the direct effect of the war must be morally acceptable.
  • The typical prostitute serves ________ customers in his or her lifetime.
  • According to the Sociology is Rude textbook, soldiers are not willing to die to gain a few yards of ground, barrels of oil, cash, or college, but rather to protect the person next to them – their friends, coworkers, and all those who are relying on them to do their job.

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