Purchase Solved SOWK 135 Quiz 1-2-3

Purchase Solved SOWK 135 Quiz 1-2-3

SOWK 135 Quiz: Introduction, Children, and Adolescents

  1. True or False: According to J. J. Cole, adoptive families vary in their involvement with birth families.
  2. According to the text, Allison Porter believed she was living out her faith by doing all of the following…
  3. Zimba was admitted to John Hale because of all of the following…
  4. Alison realized she can never know all of what her clients have experienced, but she can provide ________ and recognition that each one is also a child of God as she is.
  5. According to the text, Patricia Cummings helped to develop a successful
  6. Child Protective Services refers to their adoption program as the _____________ of the child welfare system.
  7. Why had Beth and Carrie Porter never spoken up about their circumstances?
  8. True or False: Allison advocated that the program at SYC change to an unlocked facility, which offered freedom and increased privileges; its success has led to keeping this plan in place.
  9. According to Garland, social work as a calling includes the following:
  10. True or False: In the Introduction to the Garland text, the author speaks of diversity within Christian faith perspectives amongst social work professionals.

SOWK 135 Quiz: Poverty and Homelessness

  1. Why was Kevin not able to intern with the International Hunger Farm?
  2. Adam says it is vital to make time for _________.
  3. Which was not an issue Adam faced regarding social work?
  4. According to the text, what is Kevin’s favorite work?
  5. Adam leads a ministry whose mission is to offer all of the following…
  6. True or False: Miriam’s House in Lynchburg, VA, provides permanent housing for people and helps raise awareness of homelessness within the community.
  7. True or False: According to Elke Cox in the video, one would need a master’s degree in social work to work with the homeless population.
  8. True or False: Social workers can work in either volunteer positions or in employee situations, according to the video with Elke Cox.
  9. According to Adam, the best way to show our love for God is to
  10. True or False: Because of his great success, Adam has not had issues with receiving grants from donors.

SOWK 135 Quiz: Mental Health Services

  1. Raelynn believes that event gave her a new perspective on life.
  2. What did Kate learn while working with Becky and Matt?
  3. Regarding her work as a therapist, Kate stated, “It can be ________ work…”
  4. Providing persons with addictions with privileges in order to encourage motivation and change is referred to as the
  5. What part of Sunshine’s identity allows many of her clients to relate to her in a better way?
  6. What fuels Raelynn’s belief that God called her to protect those who need to be protected and to help those in need?
  7. Kate sees her work with couples—and individuals as well—as a(n)
  8. In the video, Mark Shadoan speaks about social work as a private practice therapist being:
  9. Diane views working in dark places and attacking poverty, homelessness, grief, crime, and abuse as a
  10. True or False: In the video, Anne’s work in community health has been a rewarding experience with a variety of clients and different positions within the agency.

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