Purchase Solved SUBS 607 Quiz 3

Purchase Solved SUBS 607 Quiz 3

  • According to Dr. Scalise, the first step along the “road to recovery” is
  • 2 Kings 17:15-17 addresses
  • According to Dr. Scalise, _______________ is the darkroom that develops all our negatives.
  • The authority and supremacy of Christ over addictions must be recognized as a Christian response against strongholds, according to Dr. Scalise.
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  • Forsaking God leads to addiction, but ____________ leads to returning to God.
  • According to Dr. Scalise, God can help re-write a person’s life script.
  • According to Dr. Scalise, forgiveness is forgetting.
  • The definition of “forsake” is to bring forth or carve out, according to the lesson.
  • According to Dr. Scalise, most people do not need others to journey with them along the road to recovery.
  • Which of the following is not one of the five dysfunctional rules that keep people from turning around?
  • According to Dr. Scalise, forgiveness is a purposeful act of the will.
  • The most common “pothole” in the road to recovery is
  • According to Dr. Scalise, confessing sin produces a weight of guilt.
  • According to Dr. Scalise, greatness requires,
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  • Renewing the _________ is an important step on the road to recovery.
  • Frequency, intensity, duration, and variability are listed in the lesson as common factors to
  • __________, according to Dr. Scalise, begins to break the power of the secret.
  • “To give time or attention to, to bow down in homage” is the definition of
  • According to Dr. Scalise, breaking a stronghold involves
  • According to Dr. Scalise, consistency is not an important factor in addiction management.

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