Ashford ACC 205 Week 5 Assignment Solutions

ACC 205 Week 5 Assignment 

Part 1:

Complete the Steps to Avoiding Plagiarism (Links to an external site.) module from the Ashford Writing Center. This module is designed to help you understand the different types of plagiarism and help you properly use and cite sources.

In the module, you must

  • Complete the four activities.
  • Request email confirmation of completion for every activity to be sent to your email address.

At the end of each activity, you will be asked if you need confirmation of completion. Request a confirmation of completion email for each activity to be sent to your student email address. Do not send the confirmation to your instructor’s email address.

Take a screenshot of each email you receive (there will be four) that shows the time and date stamp and paste them into your final paper as a page at the end of the document. This is verification that you have completed the Steps to Avoiding Plagiarism module.

If you need instructions, review the many options on this website, (Links to an external site.).

Click on the Need Proof of Completion. button at the end of each activity. Fill out the next screen to receive the confirmation email.

Note: This entire class includes online quizzes, discussions, assignments, course projects, and online exams.

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