Ashford ECO 203 Week 2 Quiz Solution

ECO 203 Week 2 Quiz


An aggregate demand (AD) curve—which can be linear or curved—slopes __________.

Liz is giving a speech on the factors that contribute to the United States’ slow productivity growth in the past few decades. She will likely list all of the following factors EXCEPT __________.

The __________ market encompasses the transfer of funds from savers to business investors.

Dr. Silkowski, a macroeconomist who works for the government, studies policies that reduce fluctuations in output and employment. What type of policies does Dr. Silkowski study?

Which of the following is a result of slow economic growth?

If nominal GDP increased in the same year as real GDP fell, then __________.

Carla is listing her household assets on a household asset sheet. Which of the following should she NOT list?

Economists in the new classical tradition tend to be more concerned about __________ than __________.

An aggregate demand (AD) curve shows the quantity of __________.

A shift of the aggregate demand curve to the right will have the greatest impact on the price level if __________.

Note: This entire class includes an online quiz, discussions, assignments, course projects, and online exams.

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