Ashford PHI 208 Week 3 Quiz Solution

PHI 208 Week 3 Quiz

What is the primary reason for conducting Kant’s “universalization test”?

According to deontological ethics, duties are

Which of the following scenarios indicates an autonomous decision?

Xavier, a retail store owner, wants to always act on duty. Knowing this, which of the following sentiments is Xavier MOST likely to express?

For Kant, the respect we owe people has to do primarily with their __________.

According to Kant, respect for a person should be

A deontological moral theory regards the morality of actions as

What is the most accurate term for the rules and regulations expressed in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights?

An action’s maxim is best understood as the

In 2012, sports fans were saddened and outraged to learn that cycling superstar Lance Armstrong had used illegal performance-enhancing drugs for years. A deontologist would say that his actions were wrong because they

In Rwanda, a farmer is hiding a group of persecuted Tutsis from a Hutu military commander. The farmer believes that he has to always tell the truth and that this is a categorical imperative. If the Hutu commander asks if he has any hidden Tutsis, and he tells the truth, who is to blame for the Tutsis’ capture according to Kantian theory?

Ursula is a student of Kantian philosophy who argues that we should never use people as a means to an end unless

Agnes is a widow with disabilities in her late 60s. Due to these circumstances, she only has to pay half of her electricity and water bills. What would a deontologist say about this situation?

According to Kant, suicide is

Which of these statements is one way to express Kant’s Categorical Imperative?

Which of the following is a Kantian approach to helping a family in need?

According to Immanuel Kant, which of these is the LEAST important to moral action?

According to Kant, what is the PRIMARY moral problem with making a false promise?

How would a deontologist respond to the fact that human rights advocates often peacefully protest or even break civil laws that they think are unjust?

Immanuel Kant claims that the only thing that is moral without qualification is __________.


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