Ashford PHI 208 Week 4 Quiz Solution

PHI 208 Week 4 Quiz

To live a good life and be the sort of people we ought to be, we need to develop a virtuous character that

The text compares speed swimmer Michael Phelps’s diet to that of a Catholic monk during Lent. What point is the author illustrating through this comparison?

Which of the following is probably the LEAST necessary character trait needed to be a good clinical nurse?

Dianne lets her three children know they are loved and supported. She provides them with resources, models positive behavior, and within limits, lets them discover things for themselves. Dianne’s choices fulfill her social role as a parent, which is tied to the Aristotelian notion of __________.

Aristotle is one of the most important figures in Western history because he accomplished all of the following EXCEPT:

A common, modern definition of happiness includes feeling good or attaining personal satisfaction. However, Aristotle’s particular meaning of happiness is “having a life that is __________.”

With which of the following statements would an Aristotelian most AGREE?

Drew is a person who always tries to make practically wise choices.  What would NOT characterize these choices according to an Aristotelian?

The personal qualities that enable an individual to live a good life and flourish as a human being are known as __________.

Aristotle states that if we ask what the highest good is,

One of the fundamental questions asked by virtue ethicists is

The author suggests that, according to virtue ethics, the primary reason people think they ought to take certain actions and avoid others is more fundamental than merely respecting rules or producing the best consequences. Rather, that reason is

Aristotle defines a virtue as a(n) __________ that requires __________.

The __________ objection to Aristotle’s philosophy says that virtue ethics does not provide us with adequate direction for making or evaluating moral choices.

According to the textbook, we tend to call something like a car or a student “good” when it

What did Aristotle suggest about feelings such as spite, envy, and shamelessness?

Who is the primary source for this chapter’s study of virtue ethics?

The “self-centeredness” objection to virtue ethics says that the focus of morality should be on

Lawrence, a philosophy student, doubts the very notion that there are such things as good character traits. His view may be similar to the view known as __________.

How does the Aristotelian notion of virtue relate to deontological and utilitarian moral theories?

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