Ashford PSY 301 Week 5 Quiz Solution

PSY 301 Week 5 Quiz

  1. Marianne and her partner have been experiencing frequent disagreements and highly emotional arguments. They have decided to see a counselor, in order to address their issues. Their joint decision represents
  2. A busy doctor in a large metropolitan hospital makes a relatively quick judgment, in the absence of a complete assessment of her patient. This relatively quick judgment is called premature closure.
  3. In the fight or flight response, our body is made ready to escape danger or stressors. This process includes
  4. Hans Selye developed one of the first theoretical models for explaining the stress process. He called this model the
  5. Lazarus and Folkman’s stress management technique is based primarily on
  6. The first stage of the general adaptation syndrome is the alarm stage.
  7. The way in which a person deals with a stressor is referred to in your textbook as
  8. Marcus feels fortunate to have had a lot of help from friends and coworkers during his time of grief over the loss of his father. It could be said that Marcus received a lot of social support from these people.
  9. According to your textbook, stress occurs when people
  10. Health psychologists emphasize that

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