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MATH 0342 – Basic Concepts for Statistics

This course covers supporting material students need to be successful in MATH 1342 Elementary Statistical Methods including collection, analysis, presentation, and interpretation of data, and probability. The analysis includes descriptive statistics, correlation and regression, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing. The use of appropriate technology is recommended. It also, comprises real numbers, motivational/organizing strategies, order of operations, proportions and percent, percent of increase/decrease, integer exponents, linear equations inequalities in one variable, and set operations.

Basic Concepts for Statistics is a developmental math course whose topics include: An intro to real numbers including the order of operations with integers, decimals, and fractions; An intro to algebra including the simplification and solving of linear equations in one variable, use, and manipulation of formula, and translation and solving of application problems; Linear inequalities and compound linear inequalities in one variable; Equations and graphs of linear equations in two variables; An intro to functions with a focus on function notation using linear, quadratic, and exponential equations; and Polynomials including their addition, subtraction multiplication, and division. A departmental final examination must be passed with a score of 60% or more in order to pass the course.

Note: This entire class includes online quizzes, discussions, assignments, course projects, and exams.



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