Purdue CL841 Entire Class

CL841: ADR and Technology

This course explores the use of technology to facilitate dispute resolution. You will participate in several negotiation activities with a partner and mediation sessions with some of your classmates. You must have, or have ready access to, a web camera (webcam) and microphone as well as a sufficiently fast internet connection to participate in these activities online via webcam. You must also be able to stay on pace with the ideal modules in the course and complete assignments on time because many of them will be joint assignments that you will do with one or more of your classmates. The course activities must occur during certain time frames in the course and cannot be delayed if you are behind, and your classmates will be depending on you to keep pace to complete assignments. You will also participate in an arbitration proceeding and explore various online methods of dispute resolution.

Note: This entire class includes discussions, assignments, course projects, online class help and exams.

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