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CL850: Education Law



Education Law provides you with an overview of key topics in the field by examining the constitutional principles, statutes, agency regulations, and judicial decisions that have shaped public and private education. The course will help you understand how these various sources of law affect schools and their students and staff. Topics include foundational principles; school funding; employment issues; school liability; instruction and curricular issues; privacy rights and right-to-know laws; student and teacher rights in areas such as the First Amendment, discipline, discrimination, and religion; search, seizure, and interrogation; special education; other federal laws; and cutting- edge topics such as electronic speech, discipline for off-campus behavior, cyberbullying, strip searches, and education reform. The course uses a problem-based approach that allows you to apply what you learn by discussing and addressing real-world situations through various problems, activities, and assessments. You will also go outside of the classroom materials to gather information about how education law works in practice in your own state.

Note: This entire class includes discussions, assignments, course projects, and exams

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