Purdue NU432 Entire Class

NU432: Primary Care in the Ambulatory Setting



The primary care nurse deploys care with expertise in assessment, health promotion, disease management, and coordination of health services across the continuum of care. In this course, the standards for the Ambulatory Care Nursing certification will be reviewed, primary care nursing initiatives discussed, and the commitment of primary care nurses to education, professionalism, and communication evaluated. The role of the primary care nurse in virtual delivery methods and telehealth will be analyzed for future applications in nursing practice. The course content is aligned with knowledge expectations for the nurse considering national certification in ambulatory care nursing. Completion of this course, in association with other requirements as put forth by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), provides the opportunity for career advancement should the nurse decide to earn certification in ambulatory nursing (RN-BC).

Note: This entire class includes discussions, assignments, course projects, and exams

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