SNHU SEBD 223 Entire Class

SEBD 223 – Java Concepts 9 (Online)

In this course, Java Concepts 9, learners continue building their Capstone Project in groups from Java Concepts 8. The Capstone Project prepares learners for this transition through exposure to similar expectations and environments identical to real on-the-job training. Throughout the Capstone Projects, learners will work independently to assist in learning what is needed to deliver results, develop previously-defined functionality, and perform and receive multiple evaluations from peers and instructional staff. By the end of the Capstone Project, learners will be able to convert a design into code and deliver it using best practices, write secure, testable, and maintained code, create unit tests that thoroughly test functionality, troubleshoot by debugging and reviewing errors, log files, and metrics, contribute to planning and design and communicate effectively across stakeholders and teammates when projects hit roadblocks and risks. Enrollment in the Software Engineering – Backend Development certificate program is required.

Note: This entire class includes online quizzes, discussions, assignments, course projects, and online exams.

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