UMD BUMK 747 Entire Class

University of Maryland BUMK 747 CRM Analytics Entire Class



Customer Equity Management and Customer Relationship Marketing focuses on selective acquisition, development, and retention of customers aided by developments in information technology and analytics – databases, online channels, social media, mobile technologies, and marketing analytics – with the objective of increasing a firm’s customer equity (firm’s value). This course will focus on the conceptual foundations of customer equity and relationship management, their strategic implications, and their implementations in both B-2-B and B-2-C contexts, especially in the emerging era of big data. The course will provide insights into the role of measuring and managing customer equity and customer loyalty using online and offline media and channels. The objective of the course is to examine the strategic and analytical aspects in equal measure so that participants will have a deeper understanding of the power of customer equity and customer analytics, and how to put it to work effectively using data, big or small.

Note: This entire class includes discussions, assignments, course projects, and exams.

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